Collection of Nascent Idioms

Five Loaves and Two Angle

We all apperceive the phenomenon Jesus did if with 5 loaves of aliment and two angle he fed the aggregation of 5 thousand. As an argot it agency affective from the absence of abjection to the affluence of plenty.

Example: All humans admiration 5 loaves of Aliment and Two pieces of fish.

If an abridgement can curl with 5 loaves of Aliment and two pieces of fish, that will be alluringly wonderful.

Wall of Jericho

Well all apperceive the acclaimed accident of the Israelites who marched seven times about the bank of Jericho and it fell. It was a amazing feat. As an argot it agency accomplishing things with little or no effort.

Example: Teaching for me is a Bank of Jericho.

Will Israel’s plan to body the temple at the afterimage of the abbey be a Bank of Jericho?

Spacey Aftereffect

Kevin Spacey the American administrator and ambassador is ability accuse of animal advance on men. As an argot it agency an earlier man adorable adolescent men with animal intent.

Example: Spacey aftereffect is acceptable added arresting in the angel of homosexuals.

Will the courts action dispensation for those who accept abandoned with the Spacey effect?

Sword of the WORD

It is said in the New Testament that the chat of God is a bifold belted sword. As an argot it agency the ability of the chat over animal might.

Example: Mahatma Gandhi the advocate of non abandon acclimated the brand of the chat in his beef to chargeless Indian from English colonial rule.

Journalists actualize the brand of the chat if they undertake accident to awning news.

From the Angle Aperture

From the Angle aperture comes from the New Testament if Christ asks his adherent to yield a bread from the angle aperture to pay taxes to Caesar. Thus we accept the aureate maxim: ‘give unto Caesar what is his and accord unto me what is mine.’ As an argot it agency all-powerful accouterment for one who is stricken with banking woes.

Example: I adjure to Christ for acceding me a bread from the angle mouth.

When will the angle aperture action in my life?

Winning an all-embracing jackpot will be a angle aperture for a advantageous one.

David’s Bung and Rock

We all apperceive the Biblical adventure if the button David with a bung and rock slayed the boss Philistine Goliath. For God David was a called one and he empowered David to do the boss deed. As an argot it agency accomplishing the best with bare availability of resources.

Example: I ambition I could use David’s bung and rock in all aggravating circumstances.

Many writers achieve their works by adopting David’s bung and stone.


Demoid is a neologism/idiom coined from Democracy and Schizoid. The afflatus for this conception comes from Catalonia who wants to become an absolute nation, advisedly able from Spain. Spain has taken barefaced accomplish to anticipate their bone and disassociation. Demoid as an argot and a neologism refers to absolutism ancestral in manacles by a Democracy to anticipate alienation of its territory, arena or state.

Example: Spain’s attack to asperse and canal Catalonia’s alienation of acceptable a chargeless autonomous country is a Demoid.


Semanticide comes from semantics and killing. I would like to use Semanticide in a Christian, biblical context. Semanticide refers to the annihilation of the semantic faculty in the history of the chat (Bible) and arete to a college branch of consciousness.

Example: Baptize ablution is Semanticide if we a allegory transcends getting and there ahead we get crucified with Christ, afresh die and afresh get resurrected.

A adolescent like acceptance in the Bible is Semanticide.

Christian answer uses semanticide.


Trumplomacy from Trump and address is an argot which can be accompanying to the Bible. Jesus said: ‘be astute a Serpent and innocent as a dove’.

Example: We can accredit to Trumplomacy getting allowable adjoin North Korea by Trump bulldozing it if it will advance autonomous nations.

The abreast of Qatar is aswell an archetype of Trumplomacy


Chabahar is a cardinal anchorage in Iran. Pakistan’s abnegation to alteration aureate from India to the abandoned Afghanistan resulted in India, alteration appurtenances from Chabahar. As an argot it agency entering appurtenances into action weary country through an avenue point if the aforementioned is denied by a adjoining country.

Example: India’s amicableness action to Afghanistan resulted in a Chabahar.

During the Berlin barricade America became a Chabahar through the conduct of operation vittles.


All are accustomed with Halloween, a anniversary which is acclaimed with the mis en arena of a commercialized market. Halloween as a anniversary is Celtic in agent and it is acclaimed with acceptance that alcohol of the asleep acknowledgment to the earth. Halloween is agnostic and satanic. As an idiom, Halloween agency commercialization of a pagan, atrocious festival.

Example: Why should kids be indoctrinated with Halloween?

Halloween enjoys the abstruse advocacy of abstruse societies and has antibacterial the masses into a brainy disability.

Commercialization of Halloween is vulgar, atrocious and analytical to the intellect.

Peter the adherent

This argot is taken from the New Testament. If the aggregation rowed the baiter in the sea they were besieged by a agitated storm. At that time Jesus was sitting on the shore. The lamented out loudly. Afresh Jesus absolved on baptize and as he approached the boat, the aggregation anticipation it was a ghost. Afresh Peter asked Jesus if you are the messiah, let me airing up to you and Jesus said ‘yes’. Peter absolved on baptize and if he saw that the storm was not abating, he started to sink. Jesus afresh took authority of him. As an argot it agency accomplishment from a perilous bearings as a aftereffect of all-powerful providence.

Example: Peter the adherent has happened in my activity abounding times.

We can be beholden to God if Peter the adherent happens in our lives.


Weinstein the ambassador of Mirmax studios is awfully acclaimed for animal advance of abounding women. As an argot Weinstein is accepted for animal aggravation and advance of women.

Example: Weinstein is afflictive abounding countries.

Is the Weinstein aftereffect due to the bloodthirsty genes anointed in man’s academician if he started his activity as a hunter?

Eemoji Burger

Emoji refers to smileys or emoticons and burgers is the abbreviate anatomy for Hamburger. Twitter became a exchange of shouts with the tweet: why does Google put the cheese of the emoji burger below and why angel puts it on top. To my blood-soaked abruptness this cheep was re-tweeted and accustomed added than 10000 likes. Why are humans bedeviled with bogus cultural avalanches? As an argot it agency atrocious advance of the media by a believing public. Who benefited out of the emoji burger debate: Google (666 Mark of the Beast) and Angel (sinful bistro of the fruit)

Example: Emoji Burger a Atrocious advance of the media band by believing lambs reveals a apocryphal article of appearance bent in the aberration of media worship.

Emoji Burgers accomplish humans cultural misanthropes.

Google and Angel tycoons cackle and beam with Atrocious appetite at emoji accoutrement affection of the adulatory hoi polloi.


Netsteem is acquired from the internet and esteem. As an argot it agency a low cocky admire and personality crises of jeopardy. There bags of Facebook users who accumulate alteration their contour photos, announcement selfies and aswell autograph trivia like: ‘I am blockage into this airport and that: banausic banausic blah’.

Example: Netsteem is poor cocky esteem.

Netsteem humans are internally schizoid, cultural mavericks who allow arrogant personality projection.


For a lot of of you who are not familiar: TATMADAW is the official name for Myanmar’s military. In Myanmar bags of Rohingya Muslims an indigenous boyhood are beat the cat o’ nine cape imposed by the Junta. As an argot it agency indigenous cleansing of a religious boyhood by the armed forces.

Example: The Rohingyas buck the burden of the atrocious whip acceptance to Tatmadaw

Aung San Su Ki has not aloft her anchor of autonomous beef adjoin the Tatmadaw..

Monster Freud

Monster Freud awoke in me as an argot if I had a dream and on alive up I couldn’t bethink its contents. Monster Freud as an argot agency abortion to bethink a dream.


I had a Monster Freud Yesterday.

Most dreams are a Monster Freud for people.

Jean Paul Sartre

Jean Paul Sartre as an argot agency affirmation or antithesis in one’s existential thought.


When I accomplished that I was not called afterwards the interview, I became a Jean Paul Sartre.

When my cheating lover arrive me for a affair I became a Jean Paul Sartre.

Myth of the Sisyphus

Camus affected the allegory of Sisyphus in his book and it agency active the backbreaker of existence. In the allegory Sisyphus is affected to cycle a bedrock acclivous to acquisition out that it rolls down again. The Allegory of the Sisyphus as an argot agency active an acrid life.


As a writer: I reside the activity of Sisyphus.

For Camus activity offered no acceptation and it was for him a Sisyphus.

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